Why are some kids Fat and some kids Skinny?

Why are some kids Fat and other kids skinny? This 1970’s advertisement was one of the first to recognize that America’s kids were gaining weight.
I’ve been researching healthy cooking for kids for the past several weeks as part of a family meal overhall. Some of the tips that I thought were pretty smart are:
1. Get your child to take “ownership” of new recipes or parts of the meal.
2. Make lots of creative soups to include a large variety of vegetables and small ammounts of lean protein.
3. Experiment with zesty flavorful salad dressings and lots of crunch added to salads.
4. When you introduce a new food, play games to figure out how many different ways you can cook it and make dinner a “tasting” party. It might take 10+ times before they like a recipe, but don’t give up.
5. Ask them “what do you think we could do to tonights dinner to make it differently? (not better)” I like Chef Bobo.