Anchor Hocking or Pyrex Glass Bakeware

As A child, I thought that my mother took great delight in having us scrub her baking dishes with steel-wool Brillo! She rarely used the oven. She never roasted her own turkey or chickens. Once a month she made Shake-N-Bake Chicken or Shake-N-Bake Porkchops. She lined the pan with tin foil. She must have also hated scrubbing pans!

I find that if I roast my meats and vegetable in the oven, I use less fat and make less mess. I hate the taste of tin foil!! I HATE dealing with boiling water when steaming vegetables!!

I am not so much a lazy cook, as a “limited time” kitchen cleaner-upper!

What I love about the Anchor Hocking or Pyrex baking dishes is that they are easy to clean, pretty enough to serve out of and any leftovers can go straight into the fridge to be reheated the next day!


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