The 440 XL Talking Scale….It also comes in 550 pounds

This talking scale is my new best friend!!! If you have a friend or family member who weighs over 250 pounds or is morbidly obese, this scale could be a lifesaver!!! Please consider giving it to them as a gift. If you are afraid that they might throw it at you, please gift it anonymously. You could save their life!

One thing that average weight people don’t realize, is that most home bathroom scales do not go over 250 pounds. I’ve heard of people straddling two scales to weigh themselves, but that’s nuts!! If you are that fat, you probably also have poor balance!! This scale costs under $50.00 on Amazon.

Doctors office scales top out at 250 pounds or 350 pounds. If someone weighs more than that, they just put a “+” sign on the chart and ignore it. Who wants to go to the Doctor everytime they need to weigh?

Many Gyms and Health Spas have scales that top out at 250 pounds. The truth is that they don’t want morbidly obese people in their gym. They don’t want to be responsible for them!!!

My friend Cathy, a very bold Chubby Chick, weighed herself weekly at her Veterinarians office on the large animal scale. This worked for her until the Vet Techs got grumpy over her coming to the office without her dogs!! Cathy is the friend who first discovered this scale and introduced it to me.

The idea of the scale saying my weight out loud was a little uncomfortable. I didn’t want the family to hear that I weigh over my 128 pound fantasy weight. I solved that by shouting, “stay out, I’m naked” and turning on the TV!!

The ability to weigh yourself gives you the ability to be accontable to yourself. It gives you control.
I only weigh myself in the morning when I feel good, before a shower, after the potty and naked!!
I do not weigh myself every day or at a set time each week. As women, we know our heavy days!! There is no way I will ever get on a scale and enjoy PMS!!! I’m also not weighing myself the day after a high sodium restaurant meal!!

I weigh myself when I feel like I’ve made some progress and I want to celebrate!! I enjoy hearing the voice on my scale say “I’m ready……you weigh………ha, ha, ha………NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!”


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