The Vita-Mix

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It took me a few years to decide to buy the Vita-Mix, since spending over $400 for a counter top appliance was not even a consideration. I saw it several times at Costco, where the demo guy made soup by adding lot’s of vegetables and zapping them for 5 minutes. I saw him make ice cream out of fresh fruit. It all looked great, but I still couldn’t justify spending $400.

One afternoon, Suzi, one of my healthy and fit friends came over for lunch. She brough over her Vita-Mix and made a drink with red cabbage and who knows what else. It tasted great, but I still wasn’t going to spend $400. A year or so later, Rick, one of my clients had colon cancer. He got healthy by turning all of his fruits and vegetables into drinks and soups in the Vita-Mix. He carried around his jug of hot brocolli soup and sipped it all day long. Today he is vibrant and cancer free! I still wasn’t ready to spend the $400.

Do I sound cheap? I now think of all the money I spent in resaurants and on 7-11 Slurpees over that time period. I could have used that money to buy several Vita-Mixers!!!!!

I knew that a Vita-Mix could help me in getting healthy. I hate eating more than one salad a day. I hate paying $12.00 for a restaurant salad. The vegetarian plates at most restaurants are just plain weird!! I like fresh fruit, but I don’t like juice dripping all over my work clothes. Pure fruit juices spike my blood sugar. I’ve never been able to drink a V-8… reminds me of vampire movies!! I do love drinking anything cold and icy. The Vita-Mix really is the perfect appliance for me.

I finally announced on Facebook that I wanted to buy a Vita-Mix. I wanted to find out what experiences my friends might have had with the Vita-Mix. Suggestions included buying one that fits under the upper cabinet from QVC at $345 or purchasing a similar machine by Montel Williams for $200. On the day I decided to place the order, Mike, a business friend gifted me with the Vita-Mix that was sitting in his garage. His family used it and it didn’t fit their cooking lifestyle. Actually it sounded more like they got tired of their teenagers wasting food by overcooking smoothies in the Vita-Mix. HUGE THANKS!!!!

So here are my loving suggestions:If you have to use a regular blender, then dice up all of the recipe ingredients and use crushed ice!!
If you would like to join me on this journey to health, if you can swing the cash, buy a new one!!!
If you can’t buy a new one, put the word out to everyone you know because someone just might have one sitting in their storage shed with your name on it!!!!


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