Benefits of Juicing (no pulp)
No one has ever watched late night TV without seeing a Jack LaLanne juicer. Jack, known as “the first fitness superhero,” lived his life demonstrating how to eat well and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

We bought the Jack LaLanne juicer anticipating daily glasses of fresh fruit juice. That lasted for less than a week!! I hated all of the mess, leftover pulp and waste. I felt like I was tossing 2/3 of each vegetable in the trash, which also made me feel like I was tossing 2/3 of my grocery money in the garbage.

Sure, there were recipes on how to use the pulp in bread recipes, but I would have to bake two loaves of bread for every glass of juice!! Needless to say, we passed the machine on to someone who likes a very clear juice with no fiber.

Here are the Positives for the Juicer:

Quick Nutrition:
Since there is no fiber for your digestive organs to deal with, the nutrients enter your bloodstream almost immediately after consumption.
Goes Down Easy:
The lack of fiber requires little work from the digestive organs. This is ideal for people with digestive issues. It’s also good for healing or cleansing.

The UltimateEnergy Drink: No Bull!:
The quick nutritional absorption by your body instantly replenishes and revitalizes energy.

Banish The Bloat:
The juice will not ruin your appetite. It is a beverage, not a meal replacement.

Variety is the Spice of Life:
Even though the info-mercials show every vegetable imaginable going into the machine, hard vegetables produce more pulp and less juice. 1 pound of carrots will only yield a small glass of juice. The juicer does not blend the flavors. It juices each fruit or vegetable and then they all go into the same container.

Blender or Vita-Mix Juice Blending

I am partial to the Vita-Mix! It’s fast, it’s easy and there is no waste!! No food waste = no money waste!! Yes, I do peel off the cucumber skins and I core all of my seeded fruit. What I am saying is that none of the parts that you would normally eat in a salad are wasted. To me, that’s the Ultimate Green!!!

Benefits of Blending (smoothies and shakes)

Reduces the impact of sugar on the bloodstream:
Some people need to use caution with the total number of fruits they eat each day. Large amounts of fructose can seriously increase your blood sugar and insulin levels, which can increase your risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. By blending fruits or vegetables, they retain the naturally occurring fiber in these plants, which in turn helps to regulate the speed at which the natural sugars enter the blood stream.

Fiber Flush:
Blended fruits and vegetables retain the natural fiber which acts like a broom to your digestive system. It cleans us out and keeps us regular.

Ultimate Fast Food Meal:
Smoothies are packed full of fiber and nutrients. A glass or two can completely satisfy hunger for 2-3 hours.

Quick Clean Up:
The blender is easy to clean with no waste!!

Add Punch:
With blending, you can add flax seeds, nuts, protein powders and anything you can imagine to your smoothies without having particles floating in a glass of juice!!!

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